Portable Jump Starter PBJ300
Portable Jump Starter PBJ300
Portable Jump Starter PBJ300

Portable Jump Starter PBJ300

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  • Jump start a completely dead battery
  • Jump Start Vehicles up to 4 to 6 Cylinders
  • Works great on cars, trucks, boats, ATV/UTVs and more
  • Spark-Free, 6-Point Safety Protection System
  • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

Included: Scosche Portable Car Jump Starter with USB Power Bank, Jump Start Cables & Charging Cable

Part number: PBJ300 by Scosche


  • High-Capacity 5,400mAh Lithium-ion Battery w/300 Amp Peak
  • Multi-Functional 5V (2A) USB Port Allows You to Charge Mobile Devices
  • Safety Protection against Short Circuit, Reverse Connection, Polarity, & More
  • LED Battery Power Level Indicator

How long is a charge held?

The Powerbank can hold a charge up to 6 Months.

How many jump starts can be done?

The Powerbank can jump start a car up to 3 times on a full charge.

What is the Boost Button?

Scosche jump starter is designed to work on dead batteries that still have 4volts worth of power left so the Powerbank will not turn on if the battery is 100% drained. The Boost Button will override that feature and allow you to start a completely discharged battery if needed.

Spark Proof Clamps

How many times have you messed around with jumper cables only to have the positive and negative touch? With most portable jumpers on the market you can cause a short circuit and permanently damage the unit when those clamps come in contact. Plus sparks can be dangerous to you and the vehicle as well. The Scosche PowerUp was designed with Spark Proof technology allowing you your vehicle and the unit to stay safe should the clamps touch.