03-05 GM & Chevy Diesel Instrument Cluster Applique Carbon Face (OEM Fit & Quality)

03-05 GM & Chevy Diesel Instrument Cluster Applique Carbon Face (OEM Fit & Quality)

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03-05 GM & Chevy Diesel Applique Instrument Cluster Face Carbon. This is the same back face that we use on our professional builds. High Quality Instrument Cluster Carbon Face that will give your vehicle an instant upgrade and fresh look. 

This covers several years:

  • 2003 GM & Chevy Diesel Instrument Cluster Carbon Face
  • 2004GM & Chevy Diesel  Instrument Cluster Carbon Face
  • 2005 GM & Chevy Diesel  Instrument Cluster Carbon Face

Why buy your Silverado Instrument Cluster Replacement from ISS Automotive?

Founded in 1949, we have been distributing and remanufacturing for top automotive suppliers for 70 years. The ISS Automotive website was launched in 2020 to provide instrument cluster replacement & repair services to the community. The ISS team has replaced or repaired over 1.5 millions clusters, radios, electronics and more over several decades. Our customer service team works directly with dealerships giving us inside knowledge to the best parts and solutions available. Learn More About Us


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What GM & Chevy Diesel Inst. Cluster Appliques do you offer?
A: We offer OEM fit carbon GM & Chevy Diesel Instrument Cluster Appliques that are high quality at a great price.

Q: What type of support does ISS offer for the product?
A: We offer excellent customer service on all our products. If you have any issues simply reach out to our team.

Q: Does the Inst. Cluster Applique fit on Silverado or Sierra Trucks?
A: Yes, our Instrument Cluster Applique fits perfectly on Silverado Trucks and Cadillac CUE.

Q: What is the quality of the product?
A: Our product is of the highest quality. We've received reviews from many customers that are satisfied with the product and its precision.

Q: How fast is the shipping?
A: We offer quick shipping and our product typically arrives in excellent packaging ensuring the part arrives in perfect condition.

Q: Does ISS offer a warranty?
A: We have a solid warranty program that guarantees product quality.