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Best Cell & Tablet Solutions

Driving with a cellphone or tablet makes life so much easier. For one, you won’t get lost! Don't risk your safety by holding your phone or tablet while you drive.  We carry a variety of cellphone and tablet mounts for your convenience and safety. You can choose between:

  • Magnetic mounts
  • Suction cup mounts
  • Vent mounts
  • CD slot mounts
  • Wireless charging vent mounts
  • More

We also carry portable power banks, dual car chargers, portable jump starters, and more. At ISS Automotive, we make a point to only carry high quality cell and tablet products. If you need help finding the right part for your cell or tablet, call our friendly customer service staff. Shop with us!

Why Buy From Us?

Why buy from ISS

ISS Automotive is one of the most reliable names in the automotive industry. Beginning in 1949, ISS Automotive has provided quality vehicle electronic replacement parts and repairs for most vehicle makes/models, including clusters, HVAC, radios, and now - phone/tablet mounts. When you shop with us you get great variety and only the best quality products and service. On top of all that, ISS offers a limited lifetime warranty for all our remanufactured products, including new and replacement/exchange units and repair units. Plus, we offer free and fast shipping in the continental USA.

Have questions about your order or need help finding the right part? Call us at 866.429.1180 for more information.

Cell And Tablet Mounting FAQs

How Do You Mount A Tablet In A Car Dash?

There are multiple ways to mount a tablet in your vehicle. These range from simple clips to RAM mounting options to full factory style in-dash installations. The most important thing to remember when mounting a tablet in your vehicle is what do you want to use it for? Those who want to go offroading will need a more robust and secure option than those who will be driving on the pavement. Additionally, are you mounting this tablet upfront to use for GPS, or in the back seat to entertain passengers?

Once you have decided on how you want to use your tablet the next step is deciding on a mounting location. Assuming that you will be using your phone or tablet while, driving, you’ll want somewhere that is within your line of vision, of course. For safety, you want to locate the device somewhere that won’t require you to take your eyes off the road very often or for very long.

Air vents are a simple and easy choice. Vent-focused mounts have been around for a while and these days some even include wireless charging capabilities. If the vent option doesn’t work, the windshield is another location to consider. Mounts like this one will keep your screen high up and easily visible to minimize distractions.

Where To Mount Phone On Motorcycle?

Mounting your phone on any recreational vehicle (boat, golf cart, motorcycle, etc) requires some forethought about exposure to the elements.  Once that is handled, there are various mounts that can help. When paired with a Bluetooth headset the music and navigation features realize their full potential. While you can easily keep your phone in your pocket, or throw it in a tank bag, having a dedicated phone mount on your motorcycle can be a great tool. Not only will it give you better access to your GPS, but it will be easier to charge and to know if an incoming call is important enough to stop and take.

While the options for mounting points on a motorcycle may not be as numerous as in a car, you'll find there are plenty of points to mount a phone to meet your needs.

Can You Charge Your Phone While It's In A Windshield Holder?

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can charge your phone while it is mounted in a windshield holder. There are multiple options available. Depending on your type of phone, and type of vehicle, some may be better options for you than others.

A basic mounting option like this one will allow you to select the location where you want your phone mounted. Once mounted you’ll simply need to run a cord from your USB/chargepoint to the phone. Selecting the location will be crucial to making sure the cord you have will reach the phone and not leave your dash looking cluttered and messy. Another option is a phone holder that has built-in wireless charging like this MagicMount option. The convenience of this option is that you won’t have to plug in your phone every time you get in the car. However, you will still need to plug the holder itself into some form of power source which means you are still somewhat limited in mounting locations.

What Are The Best Cell Phone Holders For Driving? 

ISS Automotive carries the Scosche line of device mounts. They offer a variety of models to suit just about any application at a reasonable price and at the highest quality.  When driving it’s important to consider a mount that will allow you good visibility of the device (for navigation, music, etc) without impacting your field of view for safety.

The high-powered magnets are convenient, secure, and easy to use.  They provide the added flexibility of being able to rotate the device without changing the setup at all.

Whether it’s a suction cup mount, a vent mount, or a combination charging port/flexible mount, you won’t be disappointed in your choice.