Where Is My Instrument Cluster Fuse?

Instrument cluster problems can have several causes. Some things may be more evident than others. However, when nothing is working, there’s a good chance the cluster is not getting any power. The most common reason for a loss of power is a blown fuse.

How To Locate The Instrument Cluster Fuse

Fuse location

If you suspect the instrument cluster fuse is blown, the first step is identifying and inspecting the correct fuse(s). Keep in mind that more than one fuse can affect the operation of the instrument cluster. A blown fuse can cause a complete or partial failure of instrument cluster functions. Remember that an open fuse can indicate an underlying electrical problem. There could be a short circuit in the wiring or inside the cluster.

Cars and trucks typically have two main fuse blocks. One is often located under the hood, while the other usually in the lower dash. It is best to consult your owner’s manual to determine the exact location of the fuse blocks. Refer to the fuse diagram in the owner’s manual to identify fuses labeled “IC” or “Instrument Cluster.” If it’s unclear which fuse powers the instrument cluster, some online research may be required.

Once you identify the fuse (or fuses), remove and inspect it for damage. Fuses are translucent and have a thin wire visible inside. If the wire is broken, the fuse will need to be replaced. Always replace a fuse with one of the same rating. Fuses are rated in Amps. For example, if the instrument cluster fuse is 10 amps (10A), replace it with a 10 amp fuse. Too low of an amperage rating may cause the fuse to blow under normal operation. Too high of an amperage rating can be a fire hazard and cause cluster, fuse block, or wiring damage. Never replace a fuse with a higher rated fuse.

What If The Fuse Isn’t Blown?


If the fuse is okay, there could be other problems causing the instrument cluster not to function, including:

  • An internal instrument cluster failure
  • An open power circuit to the cluster
  • An open ground circuit or loose ground connection
  • A loose connector or electrical pin at the instrument cluster

If you’ve determined the instrument cluster is at fault, you can send it to ISS for repair or replacement.

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ISS cluster replacement

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