Throttle Response Controller Silverado: The Good and Bad

Silverado Throttle Response

My name is Shawn and I am a car & truck fanatic. I've always been that way when it comes to cars. You name the car, I know what it looks like inside out. I work closely with the engineering team here at ISS Automotive, which is a lot of fun for me as I get to learn more about my favorite truck - Chevrolet Silverado!

This article is a review of what I learned working with our engineers here at ISS Automotive and what I learned about this Throttle Response Controller. 

When I first got my Chevy Silverado, I loved the look of the truck and everything about it. However, one thing that bothered me was that the throttle response was slow. I can't believe how much of a difference this throttle response controller has done for my Silverado!

Having a faster and more responsive acceleration is a lot of fun. This controller makes driving on highways feel like you are flying through the air like some people I know who have jets... (just kidding).

I asked on Facebook what to do and the first response was to get a turbo for $5000 or a tune for $1000+. Compared to a throttle controller I took my chance with this quick upgrade as a test.

Let me tell you, throttle controllers truly are a serious upgrade after working with the engineering team. 


Why improve my Chevrolet Silverado Throttle Response?

For me, well, it was frustrating stepping on the gas pedal. I didn't like the dead gas pedal or sponge pedal feel.

Before, I felt that I was always having to step on the accelerator much harder than before and it felt like a struggle for the car to accelerate. I needed a way to solve this.

So, I asked the ISS Automotive engineering team about this. They recommended that we find a throttle response controller and that is when we started testing.

Here is what we discovered, not all are the same, go figure. In general we found that the throttle response controller really makes a difference!

After all our testing we found that ShiftPower Throttle Controller stood out for many reasons.


Throttle Response Response Controller Silverado

What I discovered about the ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller

The best thing about this upgrade is that you do not have to "install" anything, its plug-and-play! Installation takes only 15 minutes. Two features really stood out for us.

  1. The real time feedback and 0 - 100% dial with the bluetooth app
  2. We could actually adjust the throttle while driving.

These two features alone were a major win and made the experience far better.

Our testing shows that shifting power controller will reduce your acceleration time from 0-50mph by over 15%, and 0-60 mph by over 4%.

Throttle Response

Do throttle response controllers work?

Yes, based on our testing by our ISS Automotive engineers we have found that throttle response controllers do work to remove throttle lag. Basically we found that it is like bringing the floor closer to you for better performance.

Throttle response controller works by adding a calibrated signal to the pedal. This is what you feel every time you press on the gas pedal in your Chevrolet Silverado!  In our research we found that only ShiftPower has the technology for tuning specifically for a 2016 - 2017 Chevy Silverado.  

We could have tested other brands and they would work to some degree but we found that the ShiftPower throttle response controller for Silverado has the right calibration, which made a big difference in our testing.

Our engineers like this part: The pedal calibrator works without disrupting traction control or stability systems in your car.  This means you can drive safely with better acceleration.

Plug and play, easy to install using the exact same OEM harness, only one single plug to connect. This helps the throttle body reach its peak performance quickly and seamlessly.  

Just plug it in, calibrate to the right mode, drive your car!

Chevrolet Silverado Throttle Controller

Did I mention that it's easy to install?

The harness is pre-wired with the correct connectors for a plug-and-play experience. All you have to do is connect the kit using your OEM harnesses to use the throttle controller. This will work with the stock throttle position sensor to calibrate your Chevy Silverado to the right mode.

There is also a bluetooth app that allows you to tune and customize in real time for different driving conditions, like city driving or highway driving.  This gives you real time feedback while you are driving.

I can honestly say I have tried it, and it works!

You will have better throttle response time and smoother acceleration. You will also be able to push your accelerator harder than before without the feeling that the pedal is going to fall through the floor.

Use various modes like Sport Mode, Super Sport and Race Mode to make a huge difference in accelerating faster. The best past is the app and how it lets you set the perfect mode %. While the main sellers of throttle controllers solves the delay it doesn't seem to allow for the fine control that I am seeing in ShiftPower. The iOS and android app lets us control the sensitivity levels from 0 to 100% using bluetooth connectivity for maximum performance and personalization.

Chevrolet Silverado Throttle Controller ShiftPower Review

In this article I will discuss a bit about throttle response controllers as they relate to the Chevrolet Silverado. But keep in mind that all of this will work for most any vehicle with an electrical pedal which is typically 2007 and after.

Here is the thing about throttle controllers, they are a lot of fun. They are not snake oil or bs. They truly make a difference, but you need to try to really understand.

You will notice right away that you no longer have to step on the accelerator as hard when driving uphill, accelerating in traffic or passing by other cars. You can drive the way you like my using the app.

Tests that we conducted show that the main cause of these problems is the delay in response when your foot goes down on the accelerator - a simple solution for this problem is installing Throttle Response Controller, which will eliminate delays and give you faster acceleration!


ShiftPower Throttle Controller

How can I improve my Chevrolet Silverado throttle response?

The best way to improve your Silverado throttle response is by installing a throttle control device. These devices work on the principle of "return type technology". Return type technology is a sort of "bypass" which in this case is located on the gas pedal.

ShiftPower and similar throttle response controller will increase the the electrical signal to the PCM, which in turn sends a signal to the Body Control Module (BCM) which then increases the voltage / current to the return springs.

So, that is the nerdy answer, but that lets you do some cool things.

With this quick acceleration you can beat traffic on intersections and quickly pass other cars on the highway. With this 10-15% improvement in acceleration, you can get to where you need to be much sooner than before!

What does a throttle response controller do?

The throttle response controller is an electronic device that controls the acceleration of your vehicle by modifying the power signal sent to your car's throttle pedal assembly.

The throttle response controller was originally designed to help the elderly and people with physical challenges by modifying how sensitive the accelerator pedal is.

However, it has recently become a popular add-on device for heavy truck owners who want to improve their acceleration without installing new hardware..

  • OEM style plug & play design for easy installation.
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum for maximum durability & strength.
  • Get ready for the race track !
  • Revolutionary, big jump in acceleration & performance.
  • Perform one-touch switch between 5 different modes to suit your driving
  • Accelerate faster on your Chevrolet Silverado with the ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller


Silverado Chevy Throttle Controller ShiftPower

Does the ShiftPower improve the fuel economy?

Yes and no.

I found that I did get better efficiency on the highway, but not at lower speeds when trying to accelerate. The reason it is better on highway is that I didn't have to floor it as much to get a better response. So, I spent less time searching for better RPM and wasting fuel.

But that isn't really what a throttle response controller does. Your vehicle is already tuned to be the best at saving fuel.

Any throttle controllers that claims you will save fuel is actually lowering the response below factory. While this might seem like a good idea it makes the vehicle slow to response. This can cause you to accelerate harder to keep up with traffic.

Your fuel economy will fall because of using the throttle controller. I have found fuel economy to decrease by 5 to 10%, depending on how you drive.

However, my experience has shown that this is a very small amount when compared with faster acceleration and better driving conditions.

The trade off is that it removes response delays and will respond faster giving you better, but you will trade some fuel for this. By opening the throttle body faster using a throttle response controller you are reducing the amount of fuel that is needed for idling.

This happens because the system reduces the delay from when your foot touches the pedal to activating more air flow into the motor. By allowing more air through, you reduce time spent idling. This allows the motor to burn less fuel and run cooler which will improve efficiency.

Throttle delay eliminator Silverado

The reason why these devices are so popular is because they work with your existing hardware and software, providing a safer, quieter ride without expensive upgrades.

The gas pedal on your Silverado is designed to become more responsive as you press it harder, but this responsiveness can be overwhelming for some people.

When the throttle delay eliminator senses increased pressure on the pedal, it will remove the added sensitivity and provide a smoother acceleration experience. This means that everyone in the vehicle will be able to accelerate without lagging.

Throttle Response Controller

Electronic accelerator pedal

Lag can be solved with a Silverado throttle response controller.

This device works by modifying the input and output signals from your car's throttle pedal. It is added to the exact same oem harness that you have in your truck to remove throttle lag and response delays.

Since it isn't actually altering anything inside the accelerator system, it won't cause wear and tear on any of your vehicle's internal components. This means that you can use this throttle response controller for an extended time with no harm to your truck.

What causes slow throttle response?

There can be a few different reasons for your Silverado's throttle response being slower than you would like. These are the most common causes:

• Dirty pedal assembly – One of the easiest things to check is whether your gas pedal has been cleaned recently. The pedal itself may have some buildup on it which could be holding back how fast it reacts to pressure.

• Loose accelerator pedal – Over time, your Silverado's gas pedal can become loose and may even come disconnected from the rest of the pedals. This disconnection will cause a delay in how fast you can accelerate.

• Low octane fuel – Most trucks run on high octane gasoline to avoid engine knock which causes delays in acceleration. If you use low octane fuel, this will cause your engine's computer to reduce the rate of acceleration.

• Incorrect air / fuel mixture – If your Silverado is using too much or too little fuel, this can also affect the rate of acceleration.

How can I make my throttle response faster?

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why your Silverado's throttle response could be slower than expected. In order to properly fix the throttle delay, you'll need to determine what is causing it in the first place. You should also always double check whether the pedal assembly has become loose over time so that it doesn't continue slowing you down.

If you continue to experience problems with your Silverado's acceleration, check out the throttle response controller for more information about how it can help.

While this device isn't a permanent fix, it could be just what you need to save time and get where you need to go quicker!

This type of product does something to your vehicle that is not available in the other types of cars. It can cause you to have a more responsive gas pedal which means getting on the road faster than before. The firm provides such a product to people that have problems with getting their car on the road fast and also want to improve the efficiency of their gas pedal.

How to get better throttle response for the Chevrolet Silverado?

You can improve the quality of your car by ensuring you have a clean contact surface on your gas pedal. You should also ensure that the gas pedal is not too loose. At times, this may be caused by an assembly issue and will need to be fixed so as to prevent further occurrences. .

Ensure your ignition switch is properly set and ensure you are using the recommended type of fuel in your car.

If you find that there are no issues with your car and that it still does not have a good response of the gas pedal, you should consider getting the best throttle response controller you can get.

We find that many people use a combination of tuner and throttle controllers. It gives a great mix of performance since you can control your vehicle to get more power for a better driving experience.

What makes it worst with Silverado?

You may notice that your Silverado isn't having a responsive throttle because there is an issue with the gas pedal itself. The drive by wire system in Silverado trucks use a hall effect sensor to determine the position of your gas pedal. If there is an issue with this sensor, you may notice that your throttle body is not responsive or slow to respond.

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