Can You Remove Your Ford Sync Unit On Your Own?

If your Ford Sync is glitchy or broken, you're probably wondering if you can remove it on your own to have it repaired. Not only is it possible, but it's much easier than you think. Repairing it is also surprisingly affordable. In this post, we'll cover how to remove the Ford Sync and your options for replacing or repairing it. 

Removing The Ford Sync From Your Vehicle

Sync screen

To get started, you'll need the following tools:

Next, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle so you can work on it.

  • Park on a flat, level surface - preferably a driveway or garage  
  • Set the parking brake
  • Disconnect the battery

Now you're ready to remove your vehicle's Ford Sync head unit: 

  1. Start with the trim removal tool and carefully pry the trim around the stereo and climate controls from the center console. Be careful not to crack the trim or break any of the retaining clips. 
  2. Remove the 7mm bolts with your socket wrench. Most Ford vehicles have six bolts holding the stereo and climate controls in place. 
  3. Remove the cigarette lighter or power adapter from underneath the stereo. In some cases, this will require the removal of some additional trim with your trim removal tool. 
  4. Carefully pull the cigarette lighter/power adapter out from the console. Then disconnect the wires by unclipping the wiring harness. 
  5.  Once you remove the power adapter, there should be two more 7mm bolts on the underside of the stereo unit. Hold the stereo unit in place while removing the bolts. Once the bolts are removed, the stereo unit should pull free of the console. 
  6. You will need to remove four more 7mm bolts to remove the screen. Once the bolts are removed, slowly pull the screen out of the console and unclip the wiring harness and mini-USB plug.
  7. Finally, remove the four bolts holding the CD player in the console and remove it. It will also slide out where you'll need to remove the wiring harness and plug for the speaker cables.   

To re-install your Ford Sync stereo, follow the steps above in reverse. 

Got Ford SYNC Issues? ISS Automotive Can Help.

If your Ford Sync has a bad screen or another issue, we can repair it for less than the price of a new head unit. In addition to our low prices, we offer a fast 48 to 72-hour turnaround on all repair orders with free shipping in the lower 48 states. Plus, all our repairs and exchanges come with a limited lifetime warranty.  

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