Instrument Clusters Behaving Badly

Sometimes it seems like an instrument cluster is possessed or has a mind of its own. Lights flicker, and needles swing wildly back and forth across the gauges. The problem can be intermittent or happen all time time. Either way, you can't help but wonder if it's a minor glitch or something serious.

While your instrument cluster may act like your car is melting down, the problem is probably not serious and may not be that expensive to fix. In this article, we've got some videos of instrument clusters behaving badly and will explain the most common issues. We hope you'll find these videos helpful and hopefully a little bit entertaining.

2000 Chevy Silverado With Crazy Gauges

In this video, the gauges on a Chevy Silverado shake and move wildly back and forth. The battery light flickers on and off, and random warning lights flash. The truck sounds like it runs okay, but the instrument panel intermittently flips out.

Gauges Gone Crazy

It's hard to tell the make and model of the vehicle in the next video, but the problems are clear as day. The gauges hardly work. The temperature gauge alternates from not working to showing a reading. The speedometer doesn't move, and the tachometer seems to flop between 0 and 100 rpm.

Chevy Speedo Going Crazy (Still)

Finally, we have a video where the owner fixes a sticking speedometer, only to find the speedometer is acting like a tachometer. Worse, the truck is racking up miles while sitting still! The problem has him stumped and is a real head-scratcher.

What To Do If Your Instrument Cluster Is Acting Up

In most cases, the problem is isolated to your instrument cluster. However, the problems can be distracting and could prevent you from knowing if you have a more serious issue. The article in this link shows why instrument clusters go crazy.

As for what to do, we offer several cost-effective options:

  1. You can choose to replace your existing instrument cluster with one programmed for your vehicle with VIN and mileage info.
  2. You can choose to repair your instrument cluster using our fast and easy 48-hour turnaround service.

 Additionally, if you would like to give your instrument panel a new look, we have several options, including custom LED lighting.

If you have questions about your instrument cluster or would like to know more about our services, contact us or give us a call at 800-548-1195.

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