Instrument Cluster Lights Too Dim On Your Super Duty? Here's What You Can Do About It.

It’s a nuisance when you can't see your instrument cluster. Apart from being annoying, it is unsafe to not be able to have a clear readout of essentials such as your speed, RPMs, fuel, and temperature. If the lights on your Ford Super Duty's gauge cluster are too dim, here are some ways you can diagnose the issue.

Check Your Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switch

There are a few things you can do before pulling apart your dashboard. It is possible that the dimmer switch is turned down. On most Ford Super Duty trucks, the dimmer switch is located next to the headlight switch on the lower left side of the dash. Toggle the switch and see if that adjusts your cluster's brightness.

If the cluster flickers when you aren’t using the dimmer switch, you may have a faulty dimmer switch. You can test your dimmer switch by using an ohmmeter and checking the resistance when you toggle the switch. If the dimmer switch is the cause, you will need to replace it.

Check Your Alternator

Ford super duty

A common cause for dim dashboard lights is a failing alternator regulator. If the regulator is failing, it could prevent the vehicle's various components from producing the correct voltage. The alternator should be producing at least 13.5 volts in order for the lights to maintain proper functionality. If your Super Duty is older, this could be the problem - here's how to check:

  • Check all connections to your alternator and ensure no wires are loose or damaged.
  • Look for any corrosion in the area.
  • Use a voltmeter to check the alternator voltage output. (If it is lower than it needs to be, the alternator needs to be replaced.)

Make Sure Your Truck Is Not Maxing Out The Electric Load


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If you install an aftermarket electrical part, it is possible that it is eating up more power than the alternator can deliver. This can cause your dash lights to be dim. If this is the case, it is common for this to pop up right after installing an aftermarket component. Your truck's alternator produces a finite amount of power and adding other components can eat more of their allotted share. An ammeter can be used to determine what the power draw is for a certain component when it is in use. If you have any aftermarket electronics installed, this is a good place to start your investigation.

Repair Or Replace Your Cluster

As it ages, the bulbs on your cluster can burn out. When this happens, you can repair or replace your cluster. Many independent shops and dealers do not repair clusters which leaves you with opting for a replacement. ISS automotive won’t leave you hanging. Our experts can repair your cluster. Just mail in your cluster and we will diagnose and repair the unit. If you decide to get a replacement, we sell OEM clusters as well.

Driving with a dim instrument cluster can be dangerous. It's essential to be able to keep tabs on your vehicle be able to clearly see the readouts. Sometimes, dim lights can indicate other problems with your cluster as well. If that's the case, visit our guide to help diagnose cluster issues.