Work Truck Woes? Replacement Gauge Clusters for Heavy Duty Applications

Heavy duty work trucks lead a tough life. They take a beating almost every day. Heavy duty trucks are built with sturdy parts and materials. Yet, they can still be susceptible to wearing down over time.

When a part fails, it can lead to serious issues. For example, the failed part may cause another part to fail. Or it can create a bigger problem that will cost a lot of money to repair.

The gauge cluster is a useful tool that shows you how your truck is performing. Without a functioning gauge cluster, you may unknowingly be driving a heavy duty truck with serious issues. That can be a problem when something goes wrong, with no warning.

Gauge Clusters Don't Always Last The Lifetime Of The Truck

Cluster lifetime

Most heavy duty trucks have a gauge cluster that is typically good for the lifetime of the truck. Yet, gauge clusters can fail sometimes. According to this blog post, gauge clusters can fail due to:

  • Wear and tear
  • Excessive vibration
  • Mechanical speedometer failure
  • Voltage spikes
  • Blown fuse

Since heavy duty trucks undergo so much abuse, the gauge clusters in those trucks don't always last. Let's say you often take your truck on rough terrain (such as a construction site). There may be excessive vibration that can loosen the connections on the circuit board(s) inside the cluster.

If your gauge cluster fails, it won't be able to show accurate readings for various parts of the truck. You won't be able to tell whether your truck is performing well. If the speedometer fails and you can't tell, you may find yourself getting speeding tickets. If the oil pressure becomes too low and you can't tell, your engine may overheat and seize. And so on.

Always Make Sure That Your Gauge Cluster Is Functional And Accurate

Gauge not working

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep tabs on your truck's vital components. This is especially true for heavy duty trucks because they are subjected to the most abuse.

If you're having issues with your gauge cluster, don't hesitate to either have it repaired or replaced. Doing so will allow you to monitor your truck's performance at all times.

It's also important to use a quality replacement gauge cluster. You don't want to have a failed gauge cluster again soon after having it replaced.

At ISS Automotive, we offer high quality remanufactured OEM replacement gauge clusters. You can find our catalog of replacement gauge clusters for heavy duty trucks here.

If you'd rather have your gauge repaired, we can help with that too. We offer repair services. All you need to do is remove the gauge cluster from your truck and then send it to us for repair. Learn more about our repair services here.