How To Connect Your Smartphone To Your Cadillac CUE System

For those cruising in a elder Escalade, ATS, CTS, DTS, or SRX, missing out on Smartphone Bluetooth integration can end today. ISS Automotive's SmartAuto System can turn your CUE system from classic to connected. Read on to learn more about how this CUE upgrade works.

SmartAuto is a device you can install (without replacing your head unit) that adds bluetooth connectivity to your CUE. That means you can stream all your phone's media right to your CUE screen and car audio. You can access your Smartphone apps and functions from your car’s display and control them with voice commands or the car’s controls. The ISS Automotive SmartAuto System is compatible with both Android and iPhone. And no, you won't have to use any pesky aux cords to make it work.

How Connectivity Helps

  • Maps Upgrade: We're all guilty of trying to sneak a squinty glance at our smartphone to follow driving directions. SmartAuto will display Google Maps and Apple Maps right through your car's screen and speakers.
  • Hands-Free: You can keep you eyes on the road and hands on the wheel with SmartAuto. Let's face it, hands-free operation is the law in most states. It's a safety first, convenience second standard that just makes good sense.
  • Always-Available Apps: The apps you rely on for parking spots, weather forecasts, and traffic updates are displayed through your CUE. You can see, use, and understand the info they provide without staring at your phone screen.
  • Sound Selection: Your finely tuned playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks all at your command, no hands required. All your personalized content is immediately available in your ride.
  • Infotainment Display: Your car's infotainment screen will mirror your smartphone making operation a breeze. Navigation through your media and maps becomes second nature - user-friendly is an understatement.

Plug And Play Install

Your older Cadillac CUE system can easily join the bluetooth-connected world of smartphones. You can find out if your Caddy is compatible with the SmartAuto System by checking the fitment tab here. We also included and installation video below. All the parts you need, plus complete installation instructions are all included.

SmartAuto systems also come with a three-year warranty for that extra peace of mind. If you have any questions about how SmartAuto works or how to install it, contact us - we're happy to assist.