Can You Replace A Sierra Instrument Cluster Yourself?

If your Sierra instrument cluster is malfunctioning, you can handle this issue one of two ways:

  1. Remove and repair the instrument cluster
  2. Remove and replace the instrument cluster with a new one

No matter the route you decide to take, the first step remains the same - safely removing the instrument cluster from your truck. Good news for Sierra owners: The removal process is straightforward and easy. Let's guide you through the steps to remove (and replace) your Sierra instrument cluster.

Tools Required

Expensive tools are not required for this task. It requires only a few simple tools, making the process easy for anyone to attempt. The tools you will need are:

  1. A 7mm socket
  2. An extension and a ratchet
  3. A set of pry tools

With these in your toolbox, you can start the removal process.

Step-By-Step Removal

Removing the instrument cluster from your Sierra is a task you can easily take on. Here is a simple multi-step guide to doing it efficiently:

  1. Park your truck on a level surface and engage the parking brake to ensure it remains stationary.
  2. If you have a column-mounted shifter, pull the gear selector entirely into the number one position.
  3. Tilt the steering wheel fully downwards.
  4. Start by taking off the bezel around the instrument cluster. This is held in place by push-in clips. Gently apply pressure at the top until it dislodges. Once dislodged, pull it up and out to remove it entirely. (This is where the pry tools come in handy.)
  5. Locate the four small bolts, one in each corner of the instrument cluster, holding it in place. Use your 7mm socket to remove these.
  6. Pull out the instrument cluster, then detach the connector at its back.
  7. Pull the entire instrument cluster all the way out.

Check out this post for more instrument cluster swap tips and tricks.

Post-Removal Steps

Once you've successfully removed the instrument cluster from your truck, you can either send it for repair and return, or replace it with a new one.

Here at ISS Automotive, we are committed to making this step easier for you. We offer a range of remanufactured OEM instrument clusters and other electrical components suitable for Sierra trucks. We also provide repair services for damaged Sierra instrument clusters and other electrical components, such as infotainment screens.

If you require a replacement instrument cluster for your Sierra, you can easily purchase one online here. Should you opt for a repair, you can find our Sierra instrument cluster repair services here.

Our professional team is ready to guide you if you need assistance deciding whether to repair or replace your instrument cluster. So, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you keep your Sierra keeps running smoothly.