Are Auto DVD Players Worth It?

Auto DVD players, specifically overhead rear entertainment units, are a popular feature in many late-model vehicles, especially those made for multiple passengers or families. But, are these units worth it? Let's answer this question by considering their functionality, common issues, and solutions.

Firstly, the overhead rear entertainment unit is a convenient feature for keeping passengers, especially children, entertained during long drives. Its ability to entertain for long periods of time is a significant advantage. However, like any technology, it can encounter problems.

System Reset

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One common issue is system failure. Fortunately, most problems with these units can be resolved without much hassle. A simple system reset can often fix minor glitches. The reset procedure varies depending on the vehicle make and model. Sometimes, only the rear entertainment unit needs resetting, while other times the entire infotainment system might require a reset.

Fuse Replacement

Another typical problem is a blown fuse. Fuses protect the car’s electrical system, and if the DVD entertainment unit stops working, checking and replacing the fuse can be an easy fix. However, if the fuse keeps blowing, further troubleshooting is needed to identify the underlying issue.

DVD System Troubleshooting

When only certain features of the unit aren't working, it's easier to pinpoint specific issues. For instance, if the remote controller isn't responding, the problem could be with the remote or simply the unit's receiver. Simple solutions like removing obstructions, replacing batteries, or the controller itself can resolve this. Similarly, if the monitor isn’t turning on, the issue might lie with the monitor alone, or its power supply.

The decision to repair or replace the unit depends on the nature of the problem. Common issues like a broken screen can usually be repaired. However, more complex problems, like bad wiring or a fried motherboard, might require professional skills or even a replacement.

Entertainment System Replacement

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When considering a replacement, it's crucial to avoid common mistakes:

  • One such mistake is opting for a universal aftermarket unit, which can lead to compatibility issues and potential electrical problems in the vehicle.
  • Another mistake is failing to check vehicle compatibility, leading to installation issues.
  • Lastly, buying a used unit from an online marketplace can be risky, as there's no guarantee of its functionality.

The best course of action is to choose an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement unit, ideally from a reputable company. OEM units ensure proper fit, compatibility, and quality. At ISS Automotive we specialize in remanufactured genuine OEM units, offering both quality and reliability.

Auto DVD players or overhead rear entertainment units are worth it for those who value passenger entertainment and are willing to maintain the technology. When issues arise, they are often fixable with simple solutions. For more significant problems, an OEM replacement from ISS Automotive is the safest bet. 

This overhead rear entertainment unit for select 2014-2017 vehicles is one of our best sellers and fits the 2014-2017:

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We also repair OEM entertainment units. So if you prefer, you can send your overhead rear entertainment unit to us. We'll start repairing it within 24 hours after we receive it. Read more about our repair services here.