3 Common Ford Sync Problems

The Ford SYNC is one of the first modern OEM touchscreen infotainment and communication systems on the market. Beginning as a partnership between Ford and Microsoft, the system has changed significantly over the years. SYNC 1 and SYNC 2 use Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive software, while SYNC 3 and SYNC 4 use Blackberry’s QNX operating system.

Sync screen

Ford SYNC has evolved and improved over the years but still has common problems that frustrate Ford owners. Do you have a Ford Sync system that needs to be repaired? Check here for screen repairs on your specific Ford vehicle. Read on to learn more about the most common issues Ford owners may encounter with their SYNC system.

1. Slow Response Or Freezing Up

The most common problem with Ford SYNC is either slow response when using the touchscreen or freezing up altogether. Solutions to fixing slow response or the system freezing up altogether include:

  • Cycling the ignition key
  • Performing a soft reset by holding the power button and the right-seek button at the same time for 5 seconds
  • Identifying and pulling the fuse to reset the system without data loss
  • Performing a master reset that erases all stored data

2. Connectivity Issues

Common connectivity issues can sometimes be a problem for SYNC users. The system may experience a loss of bluetooth audio or phone disconnection. Solutions to phone connection problems include the following:

  • Cycling your phone bluetooth off and on, then reconnecting to SYNC
  • Restarting your phone
  • Deleting both your phone and SYNC connections and re-pairing

See your Ford owner’s manual for specific instructions on resetting or re-pairing SYNC bluetooth connections.

3. Software Update Failure

Another common problem with Ford SYNC is software updates that fail to install correctly. Most versions of Ford SYNC update over USB. You download the software from Ford to a USB memory stick; then, the USB stick is connected to the SYNC USB port to update. 

Newer SYNC 4 systems include over-the-air updates with better reliability. Reasons for failed updates may include:

  • Formatting the USB memory stick incorrectly
  • Extracting the downloaded files incorrectly
  • Removing the USB memory stick too soon
  • Internal SYNC system failure that requires a dealer visit

See your Ford owner’s manual for detailed tips on troubleshooting your SYNC system. If none of these solutions for Ford SYNC issues seem to work, please contact us about options for repairing your Ford SYNC head unit.

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Ford Sync

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