Rebuilt Instrument Clusters [Professional Service]

Rebuilt Instrument Clusters


ISS Automotive is a professional instrument cluster company that offers Ford, GM & Chevy Instrument Clusters with a Lifetime Warranty.

We offer a full line of Instrument Clusters for various makes and models. Whether you need a repair or rebuilt cluster, we have you covered.

If your instrument cluster is not working properly, it can be very frustrating. ISS Automotive can help get your instrument cluster back to working order.

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What is a Rebuilt Instrument Cluster?

Rebuilt instrument clusters are, as the name suggests, instrument clusters that have been rebuilt. This means that they are restored to their original state, like when they left the factory. This process is done by many different companies, but few offer precision testing and engineering process like ISS Automotive.

People are asking which is better, instrument cluster repair or rebuilt?

The answer to this question depends on which product you are asking about. Instrument Cluster Repair (ICR) is better in the sense that it requires no programming, and no calibration and you keep all your VSS, TPMS, ABS, Airbag, and Navigation systems intact, which you never want to be messed around with.

Rebuilt is better in the sense that it provides a superior quality of restoration, more reliability, and sometimes looks better. There is a lot more involved with ICR than just swapping out the unit and going on your way.

With rebuilt instrument cluster replacement, there is no programming or calibrations to be done (unless for some reason you need a speedometer conversion). The unit will work exactly as it did before, aside from a few LED lights that can be turned on or off if you like. If you did not like the LED lights (or any other changes to the cluster) then all you have to do is turn them off, and it's back to normal.

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What is the speedometer cluster called?

There are many names for an instrument cluster.

The speedometer cluster is also called the instrument cluster, speedo cluster, speedometer gauge, speed gauge, or just speedometer.

The speedometer measures your vehicle's speed in miles per hour (or kilometers per hour). It is attached to the gearbox and is located in front of your car's driver's seat.

Can an instrument cluster be repaired?

Car or truck instrument clusters may be repaired. The first thing to do is see if a mistake on the car's computer can be fixed. If it is, the computer would need to be flashed. The only thing this cost is the time since you can do it yourself with a little practice. If this doesn't work, you can look into getting aftermarket instrument clusters.

But before doing that it may be worth your while to find out if the fault can be fixed. Sometimes replacing some parts like the odometer connection will fix the fault.

Instrument cluster repair is a very complex work, as any dashboard-related issue needs to be considered a general problem. In each case, it is necessary to disassemble the cluster. For example, in case of failure in lighting, it is necessary to disconnect all bulbs and take them out for testing. When the instruments themselves are not lit, in order to determine which of them is defective or whether all of them need replacement (which is possible), the inspection unit is installed and measurements are taken, which itself requires opening of the instrument cluster. This diagnosis usually ends with whether it's worth fixing the instrument cluster or replacing it with a new one.

Even in cases where the problem is not so serious, the instrument cluster must be disassembled for inspection. The cost of repairs and replacing instrument cluster parts can exceed the price of a brand new unit.

Therefore, many people decide to buy one of the aftermarket units. It is much easier to find a unit for your car because there are not so many electronic components.

Does a used instrument cluster need to be programmed?

The answer is yes! In some cases, the answer may be no, but in most cases, it is Yes. When replacing the gauge cluster, it is recommended to check with your local dealer if programming is required. The main reason for this concerns the battery as well as other electronic devices in your car.

Removing the battery will make all electronic devices go to sleep mode, which includes the instrument cluster.

The instrument cluster is programmed in the central electronics which are located under the bonnet. A new instrument cluster will be programmed during its initial start-up phase by the central electronics. Without initial programming, the instrument cluster could show faults like the fuel gauge or odometer not showing correct values.

Removing the battery will make all electronic devices go to sleep mode, which includes the instrument cluster.

In most cases, it is possible for a local dealer to program a new instrument cluster. However, many dealers charge an amount of a standard repair service like programming and this will of course be at your expense.

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How much do clusters cost?

A new cluster will cost you around $300-$600 with a limited lifetime warranty. However, it is best to be sure that the problem in the existing cluster is not repairable before resorting to instrument cluster replacement.

A rebuild can be done for around $150, but you need to make sure it is exactly what needs to be done to your cluster.

If you are buying a rebuild kit, shop around. The price for the same set of parts varies dramatically by almost $100. The kits are fairly generic, but you should always get an estimate before purchasing one.

How do I restore my instrument cluster?

Clusters in most cars will be working fine even after decades of usage, some will fail.

Restoring a cluster is much cheaper than buying a new one, but in most cases, it is not an easy task.

Not all clusters can be repaired, some are beyond repair due to bad design.

If it is possible, follow these examples of restoring a cluster:

First, disassemble the cluster.

Then, clean each part in isopropyl alcohol (90% is the best) and then add some drops of acetone if you want to have a better result.

If it is possible, clean the needles too. Don't forget to clean the lenses carefully.

Assemble the cluster again.

Clear lenses are much better than colored ones, so you can use "acetone", but do not use it if you have a colored lens as it will damage the color.

To have a perfect result, use plastic polish or toothpaste. Polish the lenses with a cotton swab or a soft cloth.

Be careful, lenses will be very fragile after the restoration. In most cases, only the "red" color will be affected.

After the assembly, put some drops of isopropyl alcohol in each part of the cluster.

Be careful not to damage glue points or the needles.

The last step is to test the cluster before you re-install it in your car.

What causes instrument cluster failure?

The instrument cluster is one of the most reliable electronic devices in a vehicle. It is also one of the most expensive to repair. So, when your instrument cluster stops working, it can be a very expensive repair service or it can be an expensive repair.

Intriguingly, the most common cause of failure is simply that the car's battery went dead. A dead battery can cause a wide range of electrical components to malfunction. In fact, a weak battery that barely provides enough power for the vehicle's electrical system can cause electrical components to malfunction - and even completely fail.

Another cause of failure is the build-up of crud inside the instrument cluster. If you allow dirt, dust, or other materials into the instrument panel, then over time, you will probably find that the cluster becomes sluggish or even totally unresponsive.

There is an additional problem…and this is a BIG one: Heat.

Overheating of the circuit boards inside the instrument cluster can cause solder joints to fail and traces to separate from the circuit board. When this happens, the cluster will be dead for good.

The common cause of overheating is heat generated by electrical components that are too close to each other. This can be caused by poor design or simply because the cluster wasn't laid out very well when it was originally built.

So, if you have an overheating problem with your instrument cluster, it will be necessary to remove the entire cluster from the car so that you can thoroughly inspect the internal components.

If you find that there is a problem with overheating or any other component inside the cluster, then it may be possible to repair the instrument cluster. The only problem is that the cost of a professional repair will probably be about as much as it costs to buy a new one.

You can find instrument clusters online with unbeatable prices but make sure to enter your vehicle info in the compatibility check to see if they have a compatible instrument cluster for you.

What is a cluster car part?

Cluster car parts mainly refer to car instruments, whether it be a speedo or tachometer gauges. When people talk about them, they usually just say 'clusters'.

Our company offers a wide variety of replacement parts and we ship to almost all countries in the world, including New Zealand. We sell rebuilt clusters that are 100% compatible with your original equipment parts.

Where is the instrument cluster part number?

Underneath the instrument cluster, there is a sticker that contains the instrument cluster part number.

Can you replace your instrument cluster?

Yes, you can replace the instrument cluster. But it is not something for everybody. It requires knowledge of working with plastic, wiring, and electronics in general.

Instrument cluster replacement is a process whereby you replace your entire dashboard with a new one. The reason for this is that it is cheaper than replacing individual components such as gauges, dials, needles, and clock hands. Plus in most cases, you have a better chance of getting the correct color for your dashboard.

The new cluster is being tested by our company to ensure that all gauges are accurate and working before being sent off to the customer. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are not good with car electronics, I would suggest you have it installed by a professional.

Does a new instrument cluster need to be programmed?

No, you can replace the instrument cluster with a new one without programming. This is not possible on all models though! There are also programmable clusters available.

Does changing instrument cluster change mileage?

No. The mileage stays the same. However, if you change other things in the car that are monitored by the CAN BUS then it will affect your mileage.

Can you upgrade an instrument cluster?

Yes, you can. If you have a technical mind and want to try something different. It has been done before. You can upgrade several things in your cluster:

- The tachometer, the temperature gauge, and the fuel gauge

- The illumination of your inner lights (so they are visible at night)

- The speedometer, the odometer, and all other LCD displays show your car information.

Is it hard to replace an instrument cluster?

An instrument cluster replacement project takes a lot of patience and time, but it isn't as hard as you think. The only thing needed is the right knowledge and tools.

But if you are not familiar with wiring or electronics this project is not for you. You can easily get electrocuted if your soldering iron is on the wrong wire.

It's very important that you are aware of these things before you decide to do this project or have it done professionally.