GM Cluster Repair Kit

gm cluster repair kit

GM Cluster Repair Kit: Professional Parts

ISS Automotive GM Instrument Cluster Repair Kit is available for purchase. We offer the highest quality General Motors stepper motors, cluster led, and even customer cluster faces.

If you are looking to solve sticky needle movement, bad stepper motors, failing cluster lights, or even upgrading needles then check out our repair options.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GM Cluster Repair


gm cluster repair

Can you fix a broken speedometer?

If your GM or Chevrolet speedometer reads anything but the actual speed that your car is traveling, then you could probably use a gm cluster repair kit. Usually, the speedometer is concerned when it stops reading speeds because of a blown fuse or a short in the wiring.

  • Replacing a blown fuse is a five minute job that any person can do with a typical fuse puller tool.
  • Replacing the speedometer wiring is more involved and should only be done by a pro.
  • Soldering and rebuilding and programming should be done by a professional

Cluster repair should be done by someone that knows what they are doing. If done incorrectly it can cause further damage to the cluster and vehicle.

Is it better to get a direct replacement?

Yes, because you will know that everything is compatible. If the components are not the same, your speedometer may not work or one of the gauges may not work. This does not mean that you have to go to the car dealer for this part, but you should try finding one from the same manufacturer. Reliable replacement parts is what you need.

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Is a speedometer expensive to fix?

A speedometer itself is not expensive to fix. Parts are generally inexpensive. It depends on if you want to do custom options like colored needles, LED etc.

  • The price for an instrument cluster repair is typically around $180 to $250 depending on the cluster.
  • Replacements clusters will be a bit more from $229 to $400 depending on the options and upgrades. This is a great option to replace the entire cluster if stuck replacing.

However, it's the labor that can be costly unless you do all of the work yourself. Although the labor time depends on your experience, it should take you about an hour to complete this job. You can spend more than that if you do not have good written instructions to follow.

Basic tools will include:

  • Pry Tool
  • Soldering Iron
  • Screw driver
  • Tape to hold needle position if a DIY project.

Where can I find an instrument cluster repair kit?

It's best to buy a repair kit from the car manufacturer, but you can find one in most auto parts stores. You will need to know the year, make and model to find one. You can also try finding them online.

One thing that may not be in the repair kit is the properly sized fuse. If you find this, go to an auto parts store and ask for a new fuse of the same amperage as the one that blew. You can also look in your owner's manual to find out what amperage you need to buy.

Where can I get original components complete kit?

You can find these online at ISS Automotive.

Some buy the components in the kit and make their own, but this is more expensive than buying a complete kit. It should be noted that the wiring in these kits are of higher quality than what you can find at your local parts store.

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Can I upgrade my instrument cluster?

Yes, but you have to be careful not to damage any components when you do this. If you find a kit with the same manufacturer as what is in the car, it should be a plug and play kit. If not, you may have to do some wiring. This can easily get complicated and you should take it to a professional for this type of work.

Can I add a transmission temperature gauge?

Yes, but it will require a little more work. You will have to find one that has the proper wiring for your car and buy a connector that will make it plug and play. Most come with instructions to make this easier for you.

What causes the speedometer not to work?

This is usually a problem with the pickup sensor. It could be dirty or there might be a wire loose. If you have checked all of this and it still doesn't work, you may need a new speedometer. If the mileage on the odometer is also not working, this may be a problem with the rheostat. This is basically a dimmer switch that controls the brightness of the lights. It could be burned out or have a broken wire.

How do you repair an instrument cluster?

You should start by disconnecting the battery. After that, you can remove any panels on the dashboard to get the cluster out. Depending on what is wrong, you can either replace just the faceplate or remove and replace all of the individual components. Once the new part is in and everything is connected, you can hook up the battery and test it out. If everything is working, put the panels back in place.

How do you disassemble an instrument cluster?

You will need to disconnect the battery and remove any panels on the dashboard. Once you have exposed what you need, open up the case. Depending on what needs to be replaced, you may have to remove the needles or the bulbs. Once you have removed broken pieces, you can install your new ones. If it is a faceplate, you can simply remove the old one and install the new one with screws.

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How much does a cluster repair cost?

Repairing a cluster can actually save you money because there is no need to replace the entire unit. A full replacement can cost more than $1,500 and you may only need a new faceplate. If there are other issues, it can still cost you less than $350 to get the faceplate replaced. If you have a full replacement, it can cost more than $2,000 to get this done. Factory instrument clusters are much more complicated than aftermarket ones, which is why it costs so much to get them replaced.

How do I reset my GM instrument cluster?

Resetting the cluster will erase any stored trouble codes and put all of the gauges back to factory settings. This is a relatively simple process and you should not damage any components if you do it properly. You will need to disconnect the battery and remove the cluster from its housing. Then, all you have to do is press and hold the trip odometer button until it resets. You can now reinstall the cluster and your car should be running properly.

What causes instrument cluster to stop working?

There are many different things that can cause the cluster to stop working. If there is no power, try checking fuses or checking for loose connections. If you have a factory instrument cluster, there could be a problem with the vehicle's computer. Before replacing any components, try cleaning your cluster to see if this is the problem. If you do replace any parts, make sure that they are compatible with your car's year and model. Only failed components will cause the cluster to stop working.

How much does it cost to repair instrument cluster?

Depending on what needs to be fixed, you can spend anywhere from $75 to more than $2,000. If you just need a replacement faceplate, this will cost less than $350. If the needles are broken or you need to replace all of the individual components, it can cost more than $1,500 to get everything repaired. If your vehicle has a factory instrument cluster, it can cost more than $2,000 for the part alone. Complete repair improved lights are available for more than $200. Many people are able to do their instrument cluster repair by themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable working on your car, you may want to consider taking it to a shop.

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Does a used instrument cluster need to be programmed?

A used instrument cluster should work with your car right out of the box. However, if it is from another year or model, you may have to get it programmed. This is a very simple process and many manufacturers will do this for free if you buy the part from them. If not, you can have it programmed at a local shop. Burnt out original components may need to be replaced by approval from the manufacturer.

How much does it cost to rebuild an instrument cluster?

Rebuilding a factory instrument cluster is the cheapest option. This will only cost you around $150 for all of the parts and labor. It can cost more than $300 to get a new factory unit. A cost effective fix is to purchase a used or aftermarket item. This will cost around $100 and the installation should only cost another $75. Before you buy any used part, make sure that it is from a car that is the same year and model. You should have some kind of warranty with aftermarket parts.

Can I drive my Chevy or GM Truck without the instrument cluster?

If your instrument cluster is broken, you should be able to drive your Chevy or GM Truck without any issues. You may not be able to see the speedometer or other relevant information, but you should still be able to drive safely. If your vehicle is not running properly, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

How do I reset my Chevy instrument cluster?

Before you reset your Chevy or GMC instrument cluster, it is important to check your fuses. This could be the problem if the gauges are not working. If this does not fix the problem, you may have to disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes. Then, reconnect it and all of your gauges should work properly. If you have a factory instrument cluster, there is also an option to reset the immobilizer system.

How do you fix a speedometer that bounces?

When your speedometer bounces, it can be very dangerous because you won't know your speed in traffic. This is often caused by a loose connection, bad gauge needle, or bad stepper motor.

You may need to get your instrument cluster fully repaired if the problem is not fixed.

The best way to fix is by tapping the needle in the correct position and replacing the stepper motor.

After being replaced you will need to be careful putting the cluster back together. If you notice that your needles are off then you may need to find a professional service.

Is it illegal to change instrument cluster?

You are able to change your instrument cluster without any issues. However, if you want factory components, they will need to be reprogrammed with the motor control. If you do not want to get your part programmed, it is best to buy aftermarket components. This will require some basic wiring knowledge, but it is much cheaper than factory parts.

Its best to find a genuine GM cluster so that you know the part and electronics are an exact match. You run the risk of parts not working if they are after market.