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Best Freightliner Instrument Clusters

A high-quality instrument cluster or gauge from ISS Automotive will preserve the integrity of your Freightliner truck’s dashboard. We are the gauge and instrumentation experts, having been in business for more than 70 years. We have repaired or replaced more than 1.5 million clusters, gauges, and other electronic parts. We serve truckmakers, suppliers, dealerships, and consumers alike.

At ISS Automotive our goal is always the same. Regardless of the age of the car or truck, we offer high-quality products that fit right and work right. Whether you're looking for an instrument cluster or a specific gauge for your Freightliner, you’re in the right spot. If you don’t see the gauge you need, contact us about our specialty repair services.

Why Buy From Us?

Why buy from ISS

ISS Automotive is one of the most reliable names in the automotive and truck industry, since 1949. We provide quality replacement parts and repairs for popular trucks like Freightliner, International, and Workhorse. When you shop with us you get:

  • Correct fitment. Your parts will be built to OEM standards and programmed to work with your exact model year.
  • Easy installation. All you need are some basic hand tools to remove your old gauges and install the new ones from ISS.
  • Customized upgrades. ISS offers LED lighting upgrades along with other customization options that vary by part.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. This includes all our new or remanufactured products, replacement/exchange units, and repair units.
  • Free and fast shipping in the continental USA.

Have questions about your order or need help finding the right part? Call us at 866.429.1180 for more information.

Freightliner Instrument Cluster Replacement FAQs

Why is My Freightliner Instrument Cluster Not Working?

There are many different reasons why your instrument cluster or gauge might not be working. The failure could affect the entire instrument cluster, or an individual gauge. Some gauges may be part of a single Instrument cluster. Other gauges may be mounted in the dashboard individually. The reasons for a failure may include:

  • Relay or Fuse
  • Wiring Problem
  • ECU or Sensor Failure
  • Age or Wear

How Do I Diagnose an Instrument Cluster Electrical Problem?

Inspect to see if some or all of the gauges are not working. If the entire instrument cluster is not working, check to see if it is getting power:

  1. Locate the fuse panel in the cab and check for a blown fuse or a defective relay.
  2. Use a multimeter or voltage tester to check both sides of the fuse. 
  3. If voltage is present on only one side, replace the fuse. If the fuse blows again, there's a short somewhere in the wiring.
  4. Check for power on both sides of the solenoid.
  5. If voltage is present on only one side, replace the relay.

If the fuse blows again after replacing, there could be a short in the wiring. The fuse blows to protect the instrument cluster from damage caused by a short or high current. If the fuse and relay are okay, there could be an open in the wiring. Check the wiring as follows:

  1. If the fuse is okay, remove the instrument cluster and check the supply voltage at the connector.
  2. If the correct voltage is present, check the ground circuit at the instrument cluster connector.
  3. If there is no voltage, check for a broken wire. 
  4. If power and ground are okay, the instrument cluster should be replaced.
  5. If the fuse is blown, pull the fuse out and check for a short at the instrument cluster connector.
  6. Identify wiring damage and repair as needed.

If only some gauges are working, there may be missing signals from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or sensor:

  1. Some instrument clusters may store trouble codes. If you have access to a scan tool, check for stored DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). 
  2. Determine how a gauge receives its signal and check the corresponding ECU, sensor, or wiring. 
  3. If no problem is found, the instrument cluster should be replaced. 
  4. If the gauge is separate from the instrument cluster, replace the affected gauge.

Where Do I Find The Instrument Cluster Fuse In My Freightliner?

Fuses are in the instrument cluster. The fuses sit between the power supply for the cluster and the cluster itself. There's usually a fuse box underneath the dash on the driver's side. Some trucks have one fuse dedicated to the instrument cluster. In other trucks, there's one fuse dedicated to each gauge, or to separate sets of gauges.

The purpose of having a fuse in the wiring system is to protect the instrument cluster and the sensors or ECU. If there's a short somewhere in the wiring, the fuse blows. In doing that, the fuse prevents the part on the other end from getting damaged. In other words, the fuse cuts power to the other part - and that means your cluster won't illuminate.

If You Have Freightliner Cluster Problems, Should You Repair Or Replace?

Your first option should always be to replace the instrument cluster. It's because a quality replacement instrument cluster is already calibrated and tested. That means if you install a replacement instrument cluster the right way, you'll know that it works.

You don't have that same assurance when you try to repair the cluster yourself. When you do it yourself, you don't have a way to test your instrument cluster. If you're lucky, the instrument cluster will work right, but you won't know it until you put everything back together. If you're not so lucky, you'll put everything back together and then find out that the instrument cluster either:

  • Works right for a while and then fails again
  • Doesn't work at all

The best way to save yourself time and money is to replace your instrument cluster with a quality one from a reputable company (like ISS Automotive). Here is a more detailed article about repairing or replacing your instrument cluster.